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Miracle Mist Plus� Face & Body Spray
Products >> Miracle Mist Plus� Face & Body Spray
Miracle Mist Plus� Face & Body Spray 6 FL OZ  $29.95
So much more than you ever expected from a cosmetic!
Combining Herbal Knowledge of Yesterday with
The Science and Technology of Today
Miracle Mist Plus is an all natural skin spray formulated by a physician using innovative technology to uniquely combine carefully selected minerals that nourish your skin and restore its integrity. The all natural ingredients are blended in a patented process that carries them into the skin two MM deep, penetrating disturbed areas, alkalizing problem spots and supporting the growth of new healthy cells.
Soothes and Alkalizes on Contact
Miracle Mist Plus Skin Spray is a one-step spray application that eliminates the need to touch or contaminate problem areas. The refreshing spray alkalizes, soothes, cools, and supports skin integrity.
Safe for All Ages and Skin Types
Safe for infants, children and elderly
No side effects and no risk of overuse
Non toxic if swallowed; harmless to eyes
Non irritating and Non steroidal
Manufactured in the strictest conditions in a CGMP Lab
Please excuse our construction  �  Call toll free 1-800-217-6677 to order  �  Thank you for shopping  �  Please excuse our construction  �  Call toll free 1-800-217-6677 to order  �  Thank you for shopping!
Miracle Mist Plus� Face & Body Spray 2 FL OZ  $13.95 
Miracle Mist Plus� Face & Body Spray
4 FL OZ  $19.95
Alkalizing Spray, Gel and ,
Naturally Healthy Nutritional Supplements


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